Buenos Aires and Montevideo recycling

Buenos Aires and Montevideo recycling:

Recover and recover us, a joint task in the region.

08.01.22 – A day of joint work and exchange of information at “El Ceibo”, the Urban Solid Waste Recovery Plant in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina; where representatives of organizations that are involved and very committed to considerably reduce the waste that overflows landfills and dumpsites at open air in the southern region of Latin America participated.

Representing Uruguay, participated Patricia Gutiérrez president of “UCRUS” (Union of Solid Urban Waste Classifiers) and founder of the “Volver a la Vida” cooperative. Cecilia Vargas, president of Burgues cooperative that develops its activities in Montevideo and UCRUS all over Uruguay. And Matías Lescano and Evange Ojeda, representing Argentina with El Ceibo RSU.

It is the continuity of an exchange of experiences of several years that began in 2010 in “Galpón de Corrales” in Montevideo, with the commitment to improve the quality of life of a population with serious difficulties in its economic development, take care of the environment, generate activities that enhance recycling initiatives in our Latin American region and dignify the work of urban recyclers; that the states in the region contribute to a new stage in entrepreneurship such as understanding recycling as an industry to improve production in the different waste recovery plants managed by cooperatives, in this way they are betting heavily on achieving more and more sustainable cities, a challenge for the cooperatives of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The environmental issue is everyone’s commitment.

To join the logistics of El Ceibo RSU +54 9 11 5474 0290 / +54 9 11 6050 2629

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