01.02.23.- An extremely difficult year for us, not only the irreparable loss of Cristina Lescano with whom we have founded “EL CEIBO,” we have staged our first publication in September 1989.

El Ceibo was founded on September 9 of that year, but for two years we had already managed the enrollment in the old SAC (Cooperative Action Secretary), which we called Neighborhood Work, we have formed a beautiful family with many challenges and great objectives achieved, the loss was very surprising, nobody could understand it. In one week… clinic, house, clinic and then Cristina left us forever; we were no longer a couple, but we have always worked together to strengthen El Ceibo.

On the other hand, its telephone operator and assistant for a few years Mrs. Evangelina (my mother) went through the same situation; in the same conditions as Cristina, she had no hospitalization, nothing that made her think or doubt about her health.

They continued as a family (Cristina and my mother), my mother admired Cris for her struggle and her work but now as we reported my mother months ago, the woman that she admired so much is no longer in this world; we decided to wait a week before gave her such sad news: “Mum, Cris left us forever,” it was like a bomb. The first day it was bad, the second day her stomach is a knot along a nervous breakdown and the third day Mum left just like Cris did; unbearable, I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t understand, it was a total madness, the pain is immense which it just can’t be described, it didn’t feel real.

I made some decisions that I don’t know if they were good or bad, everyone knew about what happened with Cristina, but I asked people to not talk about what happened to my mother, not because it couldn’t happen because that is life, but I couldn’t bear to lose both so close, so fast.

The meetings, talks, seminars continued in Ushuaia, Bariloche, Córdoba, Chile, Mendoza, Montevideo, wherever you want, you get off the plane and the question was always the same: “What happened with Cris? How is El Ceibo?”

We were covering the anniversary of the social outbreak in Chile and as always we met Eleonor, our luxury contact in Santiago, it was always all about work and meetings but we never had a talk that transcends; then she tells us that she will be around Buenos Aires. After a while, we met here and went to lunch on Santa Fe Avenue between Junín and Ayacucho, it was on November 16th and Dr. Eleonor was already there when I arrived, a formal greeting between us, we order and again the usual comment: “How incredible about Cris and El Ceibo…” So I said, well Eleonor I want to talk about everything that actually happened to me, in detail at length, I didn’t cry, sometimes we shed tears but I was able to do it. I don’t know if she made me feel peace or confidence but I felt good and I thanked her very much since she was the first person I could talk to about everything that happened, she told me you can’t contain all that, you have to talk about it and since then I started talking about it and six months had already passed.

The same happened before Christmas with a delegate from Villa 31, when we met at a coffee to close the year.

Now that I can talk about it, I must overcome it.

I felt like something was missing and it was this… writing, just like when we started with Cris; to be able to write a little about what happened. We are not going to disappoint her, we will continue with her banners of work, production, inclusion, and the right habitat for us all.

2022 was a very hard and difficult year, it’s like life taught me how life is, but it’s already behind me. Now, starting in 2023 with all the energies, Cris and my mother will always be present in my life, but

I have to not give up since the fight continues and the obstacles are many, but they do not have to stop us.

And we want to apologize, because we were not indifferent; we were extremely sad, but we know of the tributes to Cristina Lescano and El Ceibo in the National Chamber of Deputies, in the Legislature, NGOs, International Organizations, and political organizations.

Special thanks to Matías and Evange for maintaining El Ceibo as a thriving and growing social company with the challenge that the leader left us: «Transform Recycling into an Industry,» to the neighbors who recycle which are constantly more of them, to the companies that join the logistics to remove materials, thank you to all of you.

We will continue working with Red Habitat in Argentina and Latin America; and SOCINCE, our news agency, to create jobs and improve the quality of life of people with difficulties in their economic development.

There will be new challenges, but we will stand our ground and with all the strength to continue working. To join the El Ceibo logistics: WhatsApp +54 9 11 5474 0290 +54 6050 2629; email:

Thank you all, with work and production we will get ahead!!!

Fernando Ojeda SOCINCE- News Agency for the Americas.

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