UPF Argentina’s 2024 Cycle

Meeting of Ambassadors opens UPF Argentina’s 2024 Cycle

The first monthly meeting of Ambassadors for Peace marked the formal opening of activities of the 2024 Cycle of UPF Argentina, on March 13, 2024, in the main hall of the University of the Merchant Marine in the city of Buenos Aires.

The welcoming words were given by the Ambassador for Peace Gabriela Vázquez, director of the Chair of University Social Responsibility – University Extension of the University of the Merchant Marine, on a rainy day that challenged participation in the meeting, which had an international message, the presentation and delivery of the Guide Manual «Leadership and Team» Cycle 2024,  An artistic number and representative words of coordinators, referents of areas and initiatives.

Dr. Simón Ferabolli, president of UPF South America, after sharing about UPF’s work and goals, alluded to the task of leadership in his video message. «Every Ambassador for Peace must become a multiplier and builder of peace, starting with himself and his family. Peace in the family is the basis of peace in society,» he said. He praised the collective efforts, «because unity produces greater benefits and greater hope,» he said. «Times of crisis are also times of opportunity and change. Therefore, everyone should invest in themselves. If I change, then I will have already begun to change the world,» he said.

Next, Jonny Hernández, «El Vernákulo», performed a medley of Nino Bravo songs, including «Libre» and «América», accompanied by members of the Social Payasologists of Latin America. The Venezuelan artist, who in his six years in Argentina shared work with great musicians such as Donald and César «Banana» Pueyrredón, also generated the choral accompaniment of the audience with songs that remain valid after more than 50 years.

Miguel Werner, president of UPF Argentina, made a projection of the 2024 Cycle and provided a reference to the «Leadership and Team» Manual, starting with the reading of some points of the Declaration «Commitment to Solidarity and Peace», signed in the year of the bicentennial of 2016, which was read by the Ambassadors for Peace Luba Opeka, coordinator of the PR Team of UPF Argentina,  and Christian Oreb, UPF’s advisor on organisational issues; To have a perspective look at a present of uncertainty.

He also read some introductory paragraphs of the so-called «Argentina 2033» Project, which is an exercise in progressive collective construction of UPF Argentina, based on the initiatives and activities that were developed each year through the Ambassadors for Peace, the different Leadership Areas, different entities and sectors towards a viable and sustainable country. In line with UPF’s mission to «provide a new level of leadership». And he ended with values highlighted by the founders in their messages, as a north of action to achieve happiness: «Freedom, peace, unity».

Finally, the members of the Board of Directors, Peace Council, coordinators and referents of areas, teams and initiatives were called to the front, to whom Carlos Varga, director of UPF Argentina, Miguel Werner, president of UPF Argentina, and his wife Alba Luz Tangarife, member of the Board of Directors, delivered the «Leadership and Team» Manual Cycle 2024.

Each one had the opportunity to share a few words, closing with a participatory dynamic Prof. Julio Nardini, referent of the Ambassadors for Peace.

Rosetta Conti, a member of the Board of Directors of UPF Argentina; Andrea Fernández Bevans, director of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) Argentina, director of Communication and Public Affairs of the Buenos Aires Region of The Church of “Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días”; Susana Segovia, director of the PR Department of the Church of Scientology Argentina; and member Jorge Stein, from the PR Department of the same church.

The referents of the International Association of Academics for Peace (IAAP) Argentina Gabriela Vázquez, director of the Chair of University Social Responsibility of the UdeMM; and Julio Nardini, representative of Ambassadors for Peace of Argentina. Martha Pérez Chávez, founder of the «Volunteering and Common Good» Award, founder of the Integrated World Foundation; the referent of the «Let’s Plant Trees: Sow Peace» Initiative, Daniel Lew, president 2021-2023 of KKL Argentina; and the referent of the «Leadership of Peace» Diploma Gustavo Giuliano, PhD in Education with an emphasis in Management from the National Institute of Higher Education of Asunción (Paraguay).

Also the coordinator of the PR Team Luba Opeka, from the Akamasoa Argentina Foundation, and its members Luciana Zambrano, Jujuy Solidarity Crusade, and Francisca Flores, from Social Payasologists Latin America; Christian Oreb, general coordinator and founder of the Cooperative Network of Civil Society Organizations of the city of Buenos Aires; and Sergio Castellón, a member of the Advisory Council on the Family Issue, from the Federation of Families of Argentina.

Also Emanuel Sayavedra, secretary general of UPF Argentina, and Sandra Sudrot, PR UPF Argentina, who officiated as Masters of Ceremony, who at the time of introducing the representatives of the Scientology Community recalled the anniversary of the birth of writer and philosopher Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology.

During the event, which was attended by the Rotary Club «La Boca» and Barracas, they read one of the many messages received, from the renowned poet Nélida Pessagno, Ambassador for Peace: «I will always be grateful that I have been considered worthy of belonging to an institution that fights for one of the most valuable things in the life of man:  La Paz.

It is as valuable for life in society as it is for life in intimacy. I always try to carry this message in my communications. Thank you for your struggle and for allowing me to participate in it. My 94 years limit my activity, but they don’t diminish my enthusiasm. Today more than ever, in this world in which violence has been cruelly installed. Always grateful, I embrace you, from the soul.»

By Rocio Antonella for SOCINCE, News Agency for the Americas. 

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