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EL CEIBO RSU: Tribute to Cristina Lescano

A New Management of Urban Waste in the region.

04.03.23.- At the Recycling Plant, a tribute to Cristina Lescano, founder of El Ceibo, was carried out with great emotion and great memories, one year after her departure from this world, but always present as the members of the organization say. In order to continue with the El Ceibo’s family and continue with its objectives and achieve the second stage, which is to transform this work into an Industrial Plant, Matías Ojeda Lescano is in charge with the same Labor and Production banners for which El Ceibo was born.

The Socio-Environmental Project «El Ceibo RSU», Recovery of materials for recycling; creation of new sources of employment, income for family units, health promotion, environmental education born in the Palermo neighborhood, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Federal Capital of the Argentine Republic.

The direct beneficiaries since its creation are families that are below the poverty line. Palermo’s neighbourhood population and in a broadest sense, all the inhabitants of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires are the indirect beneficiaries with the promotion of recycling since 1989 when El Ceibo began its activity. The team responsible for the project belongs to “El Ceibo” Cooperative. It is made up of recuperators, environmental promoters and a technical team. The activity carried out by the Cooperative is the recovery of material for recycling, its separation, collection and subsequent sale. Its members have extensive experience in the activity, being this the main source of income for the families that constitute it.

The Ceibo RSU dignified the daily and dispersed work activity of the “ragpicker” (surgeon lunfardo), through a solidarity organization that allowed the collection of the recovered material, for its subsequent sale to companies that require it as a supply.

The intention to organize families for this purpose has been maintained since 1989, 34 years ago. The founding leader, Cristina Lescano, frequently supported it in meetings on social networks, made up of public and private institutions and NGOs. During this time “El Ceibo district work” was organized and supported, addressing housing and health issues. It has organized events in the city of Buenos Aires with national and international organizations such as The World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and “FLACSO” among others. She has also participated in international meetings in Mexico, Guatemala, Lima, Washington, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, Morocco, as well as scholarships to learn about the experience in Tokyo and Japan for the members who are today in charge of the organization.

To join the logistics of El Ceibo RSU and provide recyclable materials in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, you can do it by WhatsApp at: +54 9 11 5474 0290 or +54 9 11 60502629. One of the best practices in the region.

SOCINCE, Americas’s News Agency.

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